Every person has a unique journey
we might think we're alone, but the truth is we have much more in common than it appears.

Sabira Rashid-Juma

Every person has a unique journey
we might think we're alone, but the truth is we have much more in common than it appears.

Sabira Rashid-Juma

TESTIMONIALFarah Rehmani from Toronto, Mom of 2

This course has been life changing for me and I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling or wishes to develop a better relationship with their children (irrespective of age).

The concepts, theories, techniques and tools are mind blowing and invaluable.

I absolutely loved attending every single discussion session and listening to each lecture. I learned something new every time. I am leaving this course feeling inspired, happy, hopeful and strong.

TESTIMONIALMarwa from Toronto, Mom of 2

I have been so mind-blown by all the tools that we've learned in this course. I've started implementing most of them and I'm already seeing results.

I would say that this is a life changing course. The tools used here are not what we're used to hearing when it comes to parenting.

I LOVED the way this class was carried out.

TESTIMONIALAzmeena Sajan Virjee from Kenya, Mom of 2

I have come a very long way with this course. Sabira bai with the other mothers were a great help and support.

I don't think I have ever got such transforming lessons or knowledge. The way Sabira bai explained, taught, listened, advised, my own mother wouldn't be able to do it because of the generation gap. She personally understood each and everyones thoughts, feelings, struggles and gave away the best of her knowledge and lessons. She made me feel safe sharing with her my ups and downs, never judged or tried to prove my upbringing was wrong. Instead she advised, listened and took us for the best parenting ride.


TESTIMONIALSakina Sikiladha from Tanzania, Mom of 2

This course has changed my whole perspective on parenting. I am glad to have met you and honored to have learnt so much from you. You made me feel special when I have been at my worst and made me realize that I can achieve what I want.

You have inspired me to take on my journey with a zeal with which Allah has blessed me and to make it a successful one with His help InshA. And that at any given point in time to do my best in whatever situation I may be in and to always look at the brighter side of the story.

TESTIMONIALAliya Dharamshi, Mom of 2

This course is so well thought out, each lesson is carried out with meticulous planning. You will gain so much valuable information all laid out in very applicable terms.

This course gives you a set of tools that really equip you to be able to deal with any difficult situation that will arise with your children and get to the root cause of whatever off-track behaviour is going on.

I can tell you first hand that Sabira's course is a life-changer. She's put her whole heart into building this program and it really shows. She exudes so much love and care and concern in every aspect of the course and she's really tried to maximize the amount of benefit you get.

You don't have to be at your wit's end with your children, it can be a few things here and there that you're just having difficulty dealing with, no matter where you are on your parenting journey.

TESTIMONIALMom of 3 from Australia

I'm so grateful Allah guided me towards this course and I would recommend this course to anyone who is struggling with the ancient ways of parenting and would like to unlearn old ways and learn conscious parenting, do not think twice at all and enroll straight away!

TESTIMONIALSamia from Toronto, Mom of 3

This course is for anyone who is expecting or has kids (doesn't matter what age they are.) It makes you understand the small nuances of parenting!

It's never to late to undo some of the habits that stops us from creating a beautiful bond with our children.

The course gives you a walk through of almost everything that we encounter as parents and one of the best thing is the weekly group call, where you not only meet different parents but also their struggles! It makes you understand that you are not alone and you get to share your experiences where we are able to learn from each other.

The course provides you tools to not only better your relationship with your kids but also to work on ourselves and differentiate between different situations. One of the highlights is that it reminds you that we are not alone and its never too late to start a healthy relationship with your kids.

The course empowers you with different tools which you can use to with kids to solve difficulties which you never thought could be solved! It makes you believe again that parenting is a beautiful journey with its ups and down and with the right guidance and tools we can over come the bumps we face in our life.

TESTIMONIALFatima Kamalia from Toronto, Mom of 1

This course is a fantastic way to transform your understanding of yourself, your child and ultimately your role as a parent.

Sabira’s enthusiasm, thoughtful reflections, suggestions, her genuine care, her insightful questions, etc, really motivated me to see my journey as a mom through a new lens and help me to realize my own limitations as well as potential.

TESTIMONIALMom of 2 from Toronto

The course has great practical tools and provides a very different perspective on parenting.

I have taken many parenting workshops and THIS ONE BY FAR has been the most impactful.

I would recommend it to everyone regardless of the age of their children.

TESTIMONIALHuda Jaffer-Hasnain from UK, Mom of 1

Taking this course with Sabira has been one of the best decisions I've made! I initially thought as I have a toddler, my struggles are less and I'll be ok, but little did I know, I am geared with so many tools and I have benefited from so many already.

It's a mindset shift & when you understand the importance of connection with our children as well as what our triggers are, the challenges are all easy!

I would recommend this course 100%. Leaving the course, I am a better listener and I feel way more supported & appreciated!

TESTIMONIALMom of 2 from Quebec

This class has been a game changer for my parenting skills. None of us has got it all but through this class, I was able to navigate into most of the challenges that stood in between me and my kids.

There is so much I learnt and if it was not for this course, I would still think getting overwhelmed and annoyed at a crying or disobedient child is normal for a tired mum.

This class was something I always wanted to do and Alhamdulillah I got to participate and may Allah(swt) give you the strength to continue doing what you are doing 😊

TESTIMONIALMom of 1 from Toronto

Having taken the course, I feel like I parent more consciously, listen better and more actively, honor my own thoughts and feelings by sharing my parenting struggles and victories. And as a result, connect better with my child.

I find the tools to be so constructive and beneficial and having a group of wonderful, authentic women to share experiences with was a real source of support. I will definitely be taking what I’ve learnt forward in my parenting journey.

TESTIMONIALMom of 3 from Tanzania

The reason I signed up for this course was because I was struggling with all my kids. I was there but not there if you know what I mean. I kind of felt like I was loosing them and that I wasn't fun to be around.

This course has not only taught me to take risks (being fun) but also provided me with a guideline on how I can be a fun parent but also within the limits.

It's shown me that being in the moment and having fun is not hard at all.

I learnt a lot about myself which I feel helps in this journey also. I want to enjoy my kids and make meaningful memories with them.

I feel that I have learnt so many new tools & skills that I am able to use to better my relationship with my children and to actually have the connection that they long for.

TESTIMONIALFatema Meghjee from UK, Mom of 2

This course will completely change your parenting journey for the better. Parenting can often be a narrow minded experience leading to much self doubt about your performance.

I feel that this course gives you ALL the skills and tools you require to perfect your journey and feel confident in developing yourself.

I would recommend that ALL parents take this course.

TESTIMONIALMom of 3 from Chicago

You have made me realize that it's all about changing my mindset. You also made me realize that I had to work on myself before I started with the kids.

Before coming to this class I was always an angry mom, who always wanted things done her way. This course has changed the way I think - and made my family closer to me.

TESTIMONIALSayyida from Tanzania, Mom of 3

I joined Parenting with Sabira because I wanted to learn tools on how to be a better mother and to be able to deal with kids in a more positive manner. I have attended a few courses on parenting in the past and I did learn quite a few things but with Sabira I have actually learnt how to deal with my kids in a more practical way.

I have older kids and a young one. I have tried the tools on my kids and it does work on all of them. The course has been worth it, truly.

A big thank you Sabira from the bottom of my heart. You helped me realize it's not the end and I can still do much more for my boys inshallah

TESTIMONIALAamena from Toronto, Mom of 2

This course was the perfect bridge from theory to practice of hand in hand parenting. After reading the book 'listen', I had doubts on whether I should take the course.. but it was definitely worth it.

I found a lot of the concepts made sense on paper but didn't always translate in reality, however after taking this course that cleared up a lot and is a big step in actually being able to parent in this way.

TESTIMONIALFatima Jadavji-Gulamali from Toronto, Mom of 3

I went into the parenting course thinking I knew how to parent well. I had no idea how life-changing this course was, and wish I knew about this style of parenting when my older kids were growing up.

This course helps us build a loving, powerful and strong relationship with the child. Through the tools, you win their confidence, hearts and minds.

It helps you understand your children’s behaviour and where it could be stemming from. If these tools are used effectively, a child will grow up into a trusting, obedient and loving human being.

TESTIMONIALZohra Roshanali-Merali from Toronto, Mom of 2

When I first signed up for this course, I thought I was going to get a few useful tips about interacting with my children in a more positive way.

This course gave me was so much more!

The 6 weeks felt like a journey surrounded by a supportive community, where I learnt so much more about myself, and it completely changed how I view my family and the way I interact with them. The positive changes began immediately and I feel so much hope about the journey ahead.

I would honestly recommend this course to anyone looking to have a more positive and fun parenting experience!

TESTIMONIALRuqayya Remtulla from Toronto, Mom of 3

I took this course because I wanted a way to make my life with 3 kids less stress full and more enjoyable.

Sabira helped me achieve that and so much more. She helps establish a form of parenting that allows deep connection with your children as well as practical tools that allow you to understand your child’s behaviour and transform it in a thoughtful and compassionate way. I highly recommend these classes to all parents with younger children.

TESTIMONIALNargis Jagani-Dhirani from Toronto, Mom of 3

I am actually really glad I took this course, it has made a difference for me and my state of mind and my approach with my kids and family. There is more love and respect and it’s nice to see those results. Looking forward to more progress iA 🙂

TESTIMONIALFatemah Jaffer from Toronto, Mom of 2

This course has a unique approach like no other course I have come across. Oblivious to the Hand in Hand parenting approach, I went for the first class with a notebook in tow expecting to scribble a ton of notes as Sabira imparted her knowledge. However, the session turned out to be more hands on with various exercises performed individually and with a partner that were truly eye opening.

I left the session feeling enlightened and more self aware of myself as a parent. I am hoping the tools I learned and hopefully consistently apply will help me listen better and understand my children’s and my own emotions with the aim of forming a deeper connection between us.

I highly recommend every parent to learn about this wonderful approach.

TESTIMONIALSakina Kermali from Toronto, Mom of 4

It’s a great way to raise happy children, with a great sense and grasp on their emotions.

It was useful to see that there is so much I need and can work on myself before I tend to the kids.

Working with this group was fantastic. Definitely an eye opener on so many levels.

The atmosphere was comfortable and respectful. Everyone benefited and grew in their own way.

TESTIMONIALNaushina Karim from Toronto, Mom of 2

It’s the ultimate way to parent, the way parenting should be.

This has been an eye opening journey where we have been exposed to a way of parenting that should really be intuitive but it’s not.

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